Wednesday, May 30, 2007

hello 3Bies and HBies
After a tiring day,serving mishti to about thirty people, mind you!, I was feeling extremely restless. I happened to meet Shreyas...and very unabashedly asked to be cordially invited here.
So, thank you fellow green graphites!
...Posting crisp,paper letters is more romantic...

Well,here is a link i thought might interest some of you who like scribbling in their red notebooks in class..!!



sayerhs said... starting to miss "the board" in the graphics studio. Somehow, staple pins dont seem to have as many uses at home :(..
Louwely link i must say..darn cute!
gah! i wanna get back to having withdrawal symptoms now.

moKa said...

hmm,enjoy whatever is left of these vacant,sunny days...a lazy shade of summer! :)