Monday, June 04, 2007

If you like Pollock and Kafka...

I came across an article on Sacha Jafri,a London based painter in The Hindu...liked some of his work...but not all...debatable like all art.
His kind of work, seems to be the trend these it on the pavements of the Mumbai Kala Ghoda Festival or in posh exhibition galleries in London.

What do you think?


sayerhs said...

i love moka for being so enthu abt posting links!

hmm, ur right..this type of art is becoming a trend of sorts. While some of his paintings are vague, most of them are quite interesting. Theres a kind of dynamism in his work. Its almost like an animation. I look at it, and i can feel the elements in the painting moving.
I think its bloody brilliant to be able to visualise things like that, and even more exciting to be able to put it down into something tangible.


moKa said...

yes,i agree with you there shreyas. and thanks.
but such work,after a point starts looking similar...but then is this what a "body" of work means?and is it admirable to continue following a particular style of working for a while?
i liked his new work more than the older paintings.apparently,this kind of work is called Magical Realism...another "ism" there!

sayerhs said...

hmmm..magical realism. i was just thinking about how art as such has gone from realistic representations to the "do whatever" trend that seems to be in vogue for EVERYTHING these days. And its also interesting to note that, this is probably getting a lot of ppl to actually draw/paint etc. nammo had written something abt that I agree with u about getting stuck to style though. But then does the commercialisation aspect influence that?