Saturday, September 01, 2007

Packaging... Food packaging!!

Louise Fili specializes in logo, package, restaurant and book design. Her work is recognizable for its delicate typography and elegant reinventions of historically-influenced packaging.She is one of the best packaging designer presently! A love of historical typography that led her to unique letterforms has also stimulated her interest in design history. Fili travels to Italy and France on a regular basis to research and collect graphics for her books on European design. Her studio is filled with this ephemera, as well as her photographs of signage, cataloged and labeled by city, that fill her bookcases.

“Design is a love,” she said, “and logos are not cold geometric devices based on market research, but distinctive signatures that reveal the essential character of the client. It’s a job for those who want elegance and for those who take pride in their products.”

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