Monday, December 10, 2007

Coloured mails

This post is on behalf of Neha Bahuguna(sem3) who requested me to upload what she'd sent in her mails. She hopes(and so do I) that she can get some feedback and comments and if possible engage in some discussion.
hi all,
the failure of an assignment made my intrest in colors and i will like toshare my
understsnding of color with graphics people.
lets first talk about hte assignment , the assignment was to make different colors
looking same or same colors looking different playing with background and all.
i must say except gray, every colordiscouraged me
now ....................................
i read some books over colors behaviour and some basic things about colors
so i came to know that colors have 3 essential qualities, hue ,value and croma

HUE:hue is a family name for a group of cromatic colors or the quality by which
colors of equal luminocity and croma may differ [ the lenth of ether waves
impacting on retina]

VALUE:the lightness of color

CROMA:in general color intansity,
the quality of color by which we distinguish a strong color from a weak one

this theory is called the MUNSELL SYSTEM OF HUE, VALUE AND CROMA

thats it for today.................... im leaving some questions if any one knows
anything please mail me
.do you think that black and white combination is most legible ? yes/no why


today i will like to write about subtractive colour theory and ya i got to
know that why dark colors seems to be warmer, actually colors like black
and brown seems to be warm because the color of an object s the one which
gets reflected by it , and the rest light waves get absorbed by its
surface so as we all know that energy never is destroyed so these absorbed
light waves produce heat and more absorbed waves more amount of heat.
one more thing !!! colors are always relative so the theory behind color
contrast is also very interesting...the difference between light waves
detected by the apparatus of the eyeball is called the color contrast
between to colors
the photo receptive field near the fovea are responsible for 4 kinds o vision
in the order for an object to be detected by he eye , a light wave must
cross over a minimum 3 photo receptive cells.the color ,size, shape, and
motion of an object cant be artificially separated,all 4 of these factors
determine the color contrast
.why assymitric composition is attractive then symmitric one?

-Neha Bahuguna
Sem 3, Graphic Design

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