Friday, May 30, 2008

What Type?

I just realized that I have been on a posting spree on this part of cyber space :S. pssst.... i'm in close proximity to the Sooper Tam... that ought to explain the enthusiasm :D

What Type is a blog/forrum started by a bunch of graphic designers who were "tired of the inactivity and indifference that is growing everywhere and geared up to use design and comedy to wake up the inane world". To put it mildly, they encourage designers to send in entries that asks a relevent question that starts with the words "what type", containing the answer within itself... some of the entries are nice.

So send in entries, take a peek, leave comments... have fun



The Sooper Tam said...

im touched *sniff*
now get back to work! :P

Merryn said...

LOLL!!! work? :P

Attakkalari dance moves and their respective inspirational pieces from half way around the globe is almost a sensory let me do some good for the fellow graphites while I am willing :D

*sniff* - not 'coz I'm touched but coz I still have the damn cold.