Friday, January 02, 2009

changing times?

While I'm on the topic of ads, I found these two advertisements for Leo Coffee (not sure about elsewhere, but very popular in the south). The original score was by A.R.Rahman, and it is said that it led to his debut with Mani Ratnam in the film Roja.

It's interesting to see how the ad makers have tried to adapt the same ad to the 'changing times', while still catering to stereotype of a homely housewife.

The copy roughly translates as "Leo Coffee, the taste that lasts through time." The second ad adds a "the coffee with the traditional flavour" to the same tagline.

More in this line soon.
Would be great to see you guys pool in some as well :)


spartan said...

are u doing some project on indian advertisements there?

Shreyas said...

lol, no im not.
The old ads ka link a friend had sent to me, so I threw it in here. Then was watching ads for a while on youtube, you know how addictive those things can get. :)