Tuesday, April 21, 2009



To quote from the site -
Urban Sketchers is a network of artists around the world who draw the cities where they live and travel to. We have this blog, which is by invitation, a Flickr group, where anyone can share their location drawings, and a Google group to stay connected and foster discussion. USk was started on Flickr by Seattle journalist and illustrator Gabi Campanario in November of 2007. The blog was launched in November of 2008.

I have been feeling very ill-equipped at drawing and am seriously thinking of taking up something like this. I think most of you would agree that even after four years of study we are not quite confident about sketching and drawing....


Shreyas said...

hm. but I guess all the proper drawing ended with foundation, or at most the course with Poornima.

I loved that we started sketching again on Saturdays and I wish it could have lasted so much longer, or even started sooner.


spartan said...

we can still do it ... if you want, but I guess it's only going to be streetscape what do you say one or two sketches weekly.

Shreyas said...

With all of us in different places?

Do you mean something like Illustration Friday? Except we just do a couple of sketches weekly , no themes, and upload them somewhere?