Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Beautiful Beautiful Stop-motion

Please excuse my laziness. I will not upload this video BECAUSE THE NET IS SO BLOODY SLOW! But yeah, this video can be viewed on

The video is called Her Morning Elegance, and Moka showed it to me today. It is also up on motiongrapher.

It is just so beautiful!

[edit]: I've added the video.


spartan said...

saw it earlier.... really amazing prooves how stopmotion can still be interesting when used with a great concept. if u have trouble with net speed then try this youtube link:

Shreyas said...

I'll do us all a favour and add the video in her post. :P

Shreyas said...

so so so so so byootiful!

the music and the video!

thanks for this one milda :D

disc0 said...

some info on it