Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Citizen Journalism

This maybe a bit off-track, but lately, all of us have been really concerned about the way the Indian Media has been functioning.Meri News is a venture in citizen journalism. To quote from the website -
Citizen Journalism" or Participatory Journalism is an evolving form of journalism through user generated content. When any common man in his capacity as a citizen of a nation takes up the initiative to report things or express his views about happenings around him then the occurrence is popularly termed as citizen journalism or participatory journalism.
Citizen Journalists are not bound by the conventional term of a journalist. Citizen journalists take up an initiative to express ideas irrespective of their educational or professional background. In a way this emerging form of journalism is promising a scenario of breaking free from media bias as well as taking local news on a global platform.

Here's the link -


While the articles did not appear as eloquent or even well-researched to me, this seems a way that is worth pursuing, a sort of democratisation of the media.

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